Our sleep expert’s bedtime routine

Our sleep expert’s bedtime routine

 Written by Olivia Arezzolo

Say goodnight to sleeplessness and say hello to feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning with this epic, expert lead, bedtime routine. Tailored for the busy professional seeking quick, effective results, this routine has a proven track record of success within 7 days. Best of all, it’s simple, easy to execute and achievable - even if you have zero bedtime routine until now. Ready to change your sleep for good? Let’s do it.

1: Wear blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses aren't just a trend - a 2016 study discovered that using these glasses could slash nighttime awakenings by 66%, as they support production of sleepiness hormone melatonin. 

2: Use lavender 

Grandma’s oldest trick actually works - lavender activates our parasympathetic nervous system and helps us feel more relaxed, which is perfect before bed. Lather it lavishly and lovingly! 

3: Disconnect from tech 

I know it’s hard, but it’s important - using social media in the 30 minutes before bed can increase nighttime wakings by 62%, according to a 2017 study. Set an alarm to remind yourself to disconnect. 

4: Sauna and take a shower 

Leveraging the power of temperature here, after heating up in an infrared sauna and warm shower, emerging into a cool bathroom, you’re left chilly - which prompts melatonin, our sleepiness hormone, to be produced. Result being: you naturally feel tired and are eager for rest.

5: Take natural sleep supplements 

Natural sleep supplements like magnesium glycinate, reishi and lions mane mushrooms, CBD, ashwagandha are hugely helpful - they calm the nervous system, reduce stress hormone cortisol, and as a result, we feel more relaxed and ready for be. To know what’s best for you, speak to a trusted health professional.

6: Read a book for 20 minutes 

Reading can reduce stress by 68%, with the effects starting in just 6 minutes…. Do we need to say more? 

7: Wear an eye mask to sleep 

Say goodbye to the world outside - including your phone - with your eyemask… and dive deep into sleepytime. 


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