5 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Winter Wellness First

Kiva wellness infrared sauna australia immunity

If you’ve been feeling chilly like we have the past few weeks, we’re pretty sure you won’t need any convincing as to why it’s a great idea to warm up from the inside in a sauna. But here are our top 5 good reasons to prove our point:


1. Relax and reduce stress

When it’s cold outside and the kids bring home every germ on the planet, we often feel stressed and mentally overwhelmed. Hopping into the sauna may help you relax and restore your energy.


2. Relieving muscle tension and soreness

Rocking up to your morning or late arvo gym session when it’s dark and cold often makes you think twice about actually showing up. Knowing you will be able to warm and relieve those sore and tense muscles and joints in your infrared sauna will help you stay focused.


3. Stretching in your sauna

Speaking of exercise.. If you don’t like working out in the cold because you feel your whole body is too stiff, try doing some light exercises and stretching in your sauna.


4. Boosting immunity

Sauna usage increases circulation and produces more white blood cells which can be particularly helpful in the winter months when cold and flu season is at its highest.


5. Lifts your mood

Under the high heat, your body’s temperature rises, blood vessels dilate and your body releases endorphins which are your body’s natural mood-boosters - perfect to fight off the ‘winter blues’.