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Circadian Sleep Pod ™

Circadian Sleep Pod ™


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Dreamy Destinations: Unraveling the Sleeping Pod FAQ Ultimate Guide

Step into the world of Sleeping Pods, whether you're a newcomer or a dedicated enthusiast. This section is your ultimate resource for answers to common questions about Sleeping Pods, covering applications, benefits, and safety. Our goal is to ensure you feel well-informed and self-assured as you explore the revitalizing realm of Sleeping Pods. Should you have additional questions, our dedicated team is here to guide you on your path to enhanced well-being!

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The Circadian Pod is a sleep technology product designed to enhance sleep quality with its cooling and heating mattress topper.

Kiva Wellness provides a warranty for their mattress topper, covering certain types of defects and issues for a 3 year period.

The Circadian Pod mattress topper are designed to be compatible with most bed frames, but it's recommended to check compatibility specifics for your particular bed frame.

Yes, you can wash the mattress topper as needed on gentle/delicate cycle. Don't tumble dry.

The temperature control typically works through a network of microtubes or wires embedded in the topper, through which heated or cooled water or air circulates, depending on the setting.

Yes, the Circadian Pod is specifically designed for safe overnight use, equipped with a 10 hour auto shut-off feature and temperature limits for safety.

Yes, the Circadian Pod mattress topper allows you to customise temperature settings, with a range of 12C to 48C to choose from, based on personal comfort.

The Circadian Pod is designed to be energy-efficient including a 10 hour auto shut-off to help conserve energy.

A cooling and heating mattress topper does not significantly alter the firmness of your mattress, as it is designed to be thin yet effective in temperature regulation.

The Circadian Pod unit makes a low humming noise while operating similar to a quiet bedroom fan.