Connect Healthcare's holistic healthcare approach

Connect Healthcare's holistic healthcare approach

Connect Healthcare in South Australia is an interdisciplinary Allied Health clinic with a twist – knowledge sharing and improved patient outcomes through a blend of evidence-informed care & co-management. Having multiple trusted clinicians under the same roof means that if one isn’t the right fit for their clients’ needs, they can swiftly refer them to the right person.


With humble beginnings in 2018, they quickly outgrew their one room and moved into their purpose-built clinic in 2020 with 10 treatment areas and an ever expanding team.


They look after a range of clients - from school-age kids with a speech deficit (speech pathology), to a diabetic with foot ulceration (podiatry), to an athlete rehabilitating their torn ACL (physiotherapy), to an older gentleman with spinal stenosis (chiropractic), to a pregnant woman needing some myofascial treatment (massage & acupuncture). 


Connect Healthcare’s aim has always been to optimise patient recovery and finding new ways to do so. Spatial capacity played a big part as well in their decision making process as they already had a larger sauna which would then inhibit the access to other recovery tools such as ice baths due to limited space.


The practitioners made themselves familiar with research illustrating how athletes do well in endurance events when paired with regular sauna usage as well as the amazing ties between sauna sessions and longevity.

Connect Healthcare decided to downsize to a 2 person Rise far-infrared sauna with the aim to invest in an ice bath to pair these hot/cold recovery methods.

“Kiva Wellness provided great customer service when querying the specifications and finer details of the product,” Dr. Ryan Bonney stated.


Connect Healthcare’s customers benefit greatly from having the Kiva sauna included as a service of the clinic. Customers looking for proactive healthcare with an individualised program appreciate the holistic health approach they have under one roof that meets their health and lifestyle goals. 

Ryan said, “after having dealt with companies looking to hide their shortcomings, Kiva Wellness was open and honest about the whole process. We chose a Kiva sauna because they’re affordable, look good and are easy to assemble."