Get to Know Your Reformer Attachments

Get to Know Your Reformer Attachments

Calling all Kiva Wellness Reformer newbies! Get ready to learn about all the attachments that come with the Reclaim Pilates Reformer and how this all rounder can help you tone, bend and flex your way to total wellness. 

Let’s get started…


Non-slip standing board

As the name suggests, the Non-slip standing board is here to help with all things stability, making it the perfect attachment for squats and reverse lunges. This attachment is interchangeable with the padded standing platform and padded jump board. 


Multi-use hand and foot straps 

Get ready for versatility with the multi-use hand and foot straps. Perfect for both arm and leg exercises, these straps are here to help increase flexibility, target specific muscle groups and add more resistance to your workouts.


Adjustable footbar 

The footbar is fitted with 7 fixed adjustment positions allowing you to adjust settings based on your height to allow you to feel more comfortable throughout your session. The footbar can also be used with your hands and feet as you move the carriage; think push ups, planks and foot arches. 


Padded standing platform 

Standing, kneeling and supine exercises are made easy with the padded standing platform. Designed with comfort in mind, this platform is here to support your joints and allow you to complete your workout with comfort and ease. The padded standing platform is interchangeable with the non-slip standing board and padded jump board. 


Long sitting box 

The long sitting box opens up a whole new realm of reformer workouts, including prone, abdominal strength and stretching exercises. The long sitting box also provides a more comfortable option for many seated movements.

Adjustable foot strap 

The adjustable foot strap is here to secure your foot and/or both feet during specific exercises like the box series or mermaid. When combined with the long sitting box, this dynamic duo can help improve flexibility by securely increasing your range of movement.


Padded jump board

Get ready to take your workouts to the next level with the padded jump board which can be used as a cardio rebounder. Designed to get your heart rate up, this attachment is perfect for those wanting to diversify their workouts. The padded jump board is interchangeable with the non-slip standing board and padded standing platform


Reformer Mattress

Last but not least, each studio reformer comes with an extra mattress attachment that allows your reformer to become a complete padded platform for when you are looking to perform stretches that don't require the carriage and springs to move. This makes the reformer suitable for practising breathwork, yoga and mat pilates workouts. 


Now that you’ve learnt the basics and better understand how each attachment can help you achieve your fitness goals, check out our latest workout blog for 5 beginner reformer exercises.