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Commercial Ice Bath

Considering adding a commercial ice bath to your establishment? These icy sanctuaries are not just about chilling out; they’re a mighty weapon in the arsenal of any health and fitness aficionado.

No matter your business type, commercial ice baths embody wellness and rejuvenation, making Kiva Wellness's range your go-to choice.

Cold immersion is a practice that’s been in use for several millennia. The earliest documented use we have for this practice dates back to around 1600 B.C. in the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus. Cold therapy not only revitalises the body but also sharpens the mind. Today's modern technologies make taking a cold plunge easier and more enjoyable than ever. And in the case of Kiva Wellness’s range, you can take a warm plunge in the same bath just as easily. 

Introducing an ice bath to your commercial space presents a number of advantages, from the evident health benefits like muscle recovery and inflammation reduction to the more subtle enhancements of mental clarity and focus. The cold immersion also aids in improving circulation, enhancing skin health, and offering a natural mood boost courtesy of endorphin release.

An investment in a commercial ice bath from Kiva Wellness is not just an addition to your amenities — it's an upgrade to your establishment's entire wellness offering.

A commercial ice bath, often found in spas, gyms, or training facilities, is a specially designed tub where individuals immerse themselves in cold water, typically maintained between 10-15°C. The primary objective is to aid muscle recovery and reduce inflammation.

The cold temperature constricts blood vessels, limiting inflammatory chemicals to the affected area. Once one exits the bath, the vessels dilate, increasing the flow of nutrient-rich blood. This contrast enhances recovery and reduces muscle soreness.

Kiva Wellness's ice baths employ modern technology to maintain consistent temperatures, ensuring an effective and revitalising experience every time.

Commercial ice baths have gained substantial traction in recovery and wellness circles, and for good reason. Foremost, they expedite muscle recovery, helping to alleviate the soreness stemming from strenuous physical activity. Immersion in the cold water helps constrict blood vessels, flushing out toxins and metabolic debris from the muscles. 

Upon exiting, the dilation of blood vessels promotes the inflow of oxygen-rich blood, rejuvenating the muscles. Moreover, cold exposure can trigger an endorphin release, acting as a natural mood enhancer. The baths also aid in reducing inflammation, a common after-effect of intense workouts. 

In addition, they improve circulation, support immune function, and can even bolster mental fortitude, as the act of enduring the cold can be a challenge in itself. With Kiva Wellness's commercial ice baths, your establishment can offer these holistic benefits with ease.

Commercial ice baths are not just exclusive to elite athletic facilities. A range of businesses can harness the rejuvenating powers of cold immersion. Gyms and fitness centres, naturally, can amplify their recovery amenities with these icy sanctuaries. 

Spa and wellness centres can offer cold plunges as a holistic part of their relaxation and rejuvenation menu. Rehabilitation clinics can incorporate them as a therapeutic tool, aiding inflammation reduction and pain relief. 

Even hotels and resorts can introduce them as a luxury wellness feature, adding some icy excitement to their guests' experience. Educational institutions with sports programmes can also benefit, giving students an edge in recovery. Essentially, any establishment prioritising health, well-being, or luxury can gain immensely from adding a Kiva Wellness commercial ice bath to its repertoire.

Selecting the right commercial ice bath for your facility requires thoughtful consideration. First and foremost, evaluate the available space. Understand the dimensions and layout of your facility to ensure seamless integration. 

Kiva Wellness offers a range of sizes, from compact single-user designs to larger communal options. Consider your clientele's needs; will a single-user bath suffice, or is a communal option more suitable? Think about the frequency of use and potential traffic at peak times. 

For businesses with less space available to them, the Awaken Plunge Ice Bath comes in at 2030 L X 840 W x 95 H cm. This is a single tub bath with the capability to operate as an ice bath at 3ºC and also as a hot tub at up to 40ºC. But, for those with more space, the two-seater Energise Cedar Barrel Self Cooling Ice Bath (1560 L x 1410 W x 710 H cm) will be a great option.

It's essential to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring the ice bath complements your facility's design. Additionally, weigh in on operational costs, energy efficiency, and warranty offerings. With these considerations in mind, you can make an informed decision that best suits your establishment's requirements and ambitions.

The ideal temperature for a commercial ice bath typically ranges between 8°C to 15°C. At these temperatures, the cold water effectively provides the therapeutic benefits associated with cold immersion, such as reducing muscle inflammation and aiding in recovery. 

However, it's crucial to note that individual tolerance can vary. Some athletes and wellness enthusiasts may prefer slightly colder temperatures for a more intense experience, while others may find a milder, warmer range more comfortable. 

It's always recommended to start at the higher end of this range, especially for newcomers, and gradually acclimatise to the colder temperatures. Ensuring users are informed and comfortable is key to a beneficial and safe ice bath experience.

It’s always good to strike a healthy balance between getting results and keeping safe. With this in mind, most individuals typically immerse in commercial ice baths for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes. 

Starting with shorter durations of around 5 minutes or even shorter is advisable for beginners, allowing them to acclimatise to the cold. It's essential to monitor the body's response and ensure the individual doesn't become too cold or uncomfortable. 

Prolonged exposure beyond the recommended time can lead to risks like hypothermia. Ice baths are meant to be fun and functional. Hypothermia is neither fun nor functional.

We encourage individuals to listen to their bodies if they feel numbness or excessive discomfort, they should exit the bath. Always have a warm towel or robe ready for post-immersion to help restore their body temperature.

While commercial ice baths offer plenty of benefits, safety is still paramount. Extended exposure can lead to hypothermia or frostbite. Individuals with cardiovascular issues should consult a doctor before use, as cold immersion affects blood pressure and heart rate. 

It's essential to monitor time spent in the bath and ensure users don't exceed recommended durations. Always have users enter and exit cautiously to prevent slips, and ensure a warm environment is available post-immersion for a gradual return to normal body temperature.

Commercial ice baths need periodic maintenance for optimal performance. Regular cleaning and disinfection prevent bacteria, while system checks ensure efficient cooling. With Kiva Wellness, clients receive in-depth maintenance guidelines and benefit from our dedicated aftercare services.

Installing a commercial ice bath from Kiva Wellness is straightforward and requires minimal effort. With no intricate plumbing demands, only a nearby plug socket is needed. 

This ease of installation, combined with our tailored financing options, ensures that every manner business can integrate and afford this rejuvenating wellness solution. Contact us today to learn how to start your well-being journey with us.

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